“The precise and correct translation of medical information can be of vital importance.”

Language and medical science are my personal and professional passion

Modern technical and medical research and development is helping improve people's lives all over the world.

Throughout my career as a translator, for more than 15 years, I have specialized largely in the areas of healthcare and medical engineering.

My high degree of experience, extensive research, the fascination of being part of the process when new products and technologies are being introduced and my attention to detail are your guarantee for correct translations with consistent terminology that will work for your target group.

You focus on medical development and lifeenhancing technologies and your first concern is the best care for your patients?

You are in need of a translator with specialist knowledge and wide experience in the areas of medical science and medical engineering to translate your documents for the German speaking markets?

You would like to have an estimate for the German translation of an English text?

You do not work during usual office hours or work in a different time zone?

I will help you achieve your objectives.
Do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email.

Qualifications, Professional Memberships and Experience

Sound professional training and longstanding experience

2020 Certified Translator for German Leichte Sprache (Forschungsstelle Leichte Sprache University of Hildesheim/Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer)

2013 Certified Terminology Manager

1987 Translation Degree Akademisch Geprüfte Übersetzerin, FASK Germersheim, Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Germany.

4 years work experience in Australia: fulltime employment as translator for a medical technology company plus freelance translator and interpreter for various companies and agencies.

Accreditation as government-approved translator by NAATI, the Australian Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters, NAATI.

4 years fulltime employment in the Technical Services Department of General Electric Medical Systems Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG.

2 years fulltime employment as Product Manager Electronic Imaging Systems and Assistant Product Manager Analogue/Conventional Xray Systems, PMA Bode GmbH & Co. KG.

Since 1997 Freelance translator.

Member of the North German Translators' Association, ADÜ Nord, and Deutscher Terminologie-Tag e. V.

My Work

Core competency Technical Translations

Specialist knowledge, continuous enhancement of my language skills through extended periods of working in English speaking countries, more than 15 years of experience as freelance medical translator, extensive research plus consistent quality control are your guarantee for correct translations that will read like the original and will work for your target group.

Your benefits: reduced workload and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

The use of CAT tools ensures consistent terminology and style, even for largescale projects and follow-up projects.

To find out how you can ensure the success of your translation project please see below or read Your Translation Project.pdf.

Technical Translations from English into German

Health Care and Medical Engineering

Throughout my career as a translator I have specialized largely in the areas of healthcare and medical engineering.

Working in the sales and service departments of system manufacturers and their sales agencies, I have acquired my specialist knowledge in relevant practical contexts: as translator for an Australian sales organization dealing in medical devices, as translator and service-coordinator with an American manufacturer of medical devices and as product manager of a German sales organization selling medical equipment and accessories.

Thanks to continuous education and training in accordance with the philosophy of lifelong learning, I am always up to date and well informed about the trends and developments in my specialist areas.

My translations will work for you, your employees and your customers, contributing to an increase in product value that will strengthen your market position.


Medical Devices

Over the course of the last 10 years, I have developed an in-depth knowledge of trauma surgery, reconstructive surgery and joint replacement.

I have translated operating techniques, technique guides, IFUs, patient information leaflets, brochures, flyers and clinical studies for the leading manufacturers of medical products and devices in these markets.

  • Joint Replacement
    • Hip arthroplasty
    • Knee arthroplasty
    • Shoulder arthroplasty
  • Traumatology
    • Internal fixation
    • External fixation
    • Surgical navigation
  • Foot Surgery
    • Achilles tendon rupture
    • Metatarsophalangeal joint (Hallux valgus/varus)
    • Fracture management
    • Compression screws and clips
    • Plate systems
    • Reaming and drilling systems
  • Hand Surgery
    • Fracture management
    • Plate systems
    • Reaming and drilling systems
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome surgery
  • Shoulder Surgery
    • Fracture management
    • Refixation of the rotator cuff
    • Bone anchors
  • Bone Cements, Bone Graft Substitutes and Accessories
    • Bone cements
    • Mixing systems
    • Grafting systems
    • Bone marrow aspiration systems
    • Bone graft substitutes
  • Suturing and Wound Management
    • Open and endoscopic staple suture
    • Trocars and instrument sets
    • Clips and clip applicators
    • Coagulators
    • Handpieces, RF instruments and accessories

Dental Medicine

Products and Solutions

I translate surgical techniques, IFUs, patient information leaflets, eLearning and marketing materials, flyers and clinical studies for dentists and a leading provider of solutions for implant, restorative and regenerative dentistry.

  • Implant-supported restorations
    • Single and multiple unit restorations
    • Individualized abutments, crowns, bridges and complete dentures
  • Toothborne restorations
    • Veneers, inlays and onlays
    • Crowns and bridges
  • Dental hard and soft tissue regeneration
    • Bovine, allogenic and synthetic bone graft materials
    • Membranes for guided soft tissue and bone regeneration
    • Biologicals
  • Guided surgery

Medical Engineering

Medical Systems - Diagnosis and Therapy

User manuals and service manuals, product information and data sheets for your sales and marketing teams or your customers, articles for specialist publications, clinical studies, press releases, sales brochures, instructions and information for non-specialists, e. g. patients.

  • Diagnostic Imaging
    • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
    • Computerized axial tomography (CAT)
    • Analogue radiography
    • Digital radiography
    • Radiographic accessories
    • Nuclear medicine
    • Ultrasound
  • Solutions for the Medical Laboratory
    • Haematology
    • Urinalysis
    • Biobanking
    • Laboratory automation
    • Laboratory diagnostic and information Systems (IVD)
  • Therapy
    • Radiotherapy
    • Laser and IPL technology (dermatology, surgery and ophthalmology)


Responsible and confidential

My clients are recognized manufacturers of medical devices and systems, including the leading manufacturers of imaging systems and products and devices for trauma and reconstructive surgery, joint replacement, endoscopic surgery, sports medicine, suturing and wound management and laboratory diagnostics.

In the health care environment dealing responsibly with strictly confidential information is of particular importance, both with reference to the treatment of patients or legally protected innovations. Therefore, I refrain from publishing a client reference list or further sample texts, hoping for your understanding and appreciation. Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Credentials/Customer comments

“Frau Johnsons Übersetzungen zeugen von ihrer langjährigen Erfahrung im Vertrieb und Service unserer Branche.”
Translation of various handbooks for the leading manufacturer of medical laser and IPL systems
“I reviewed the document and it is a really good translation, perfect for our purpose. I am really happy with the translation.”
Translation of an observational study protocol
“Wir und alle unsere Kunden sind stets "highly satisfied" mit Ihren Übersetzungen und verwenden Ihre Texte als Referenz für die anderen Übersetzer.”
Translation of training material for the leading manufacturer of joint replacement devices, agency assignment
“The translation into German is perfect, no corrections need to be made.”
Translation of an operating technique, agency assignment

“We will no longer work with other partners for our translations. You will be our exclusive partner for all translations.”
Translation of a technique guide for a manufacturer of medical systems
“Wow, you did a good job with this one. I had to read your translation at times to figure out what the English was saying.”
Comment of the project manager of a translation agency
“Besonders begeistert sind wir darüber, dass Sie neben den deutschen auch die lateinischen Bezeichnungen eingefügt haben. Perfekt.”
Translation of an elearning platform for the sales team of a medical device manufacturer

Sample Texts

Lumenis (Germany) GmbH
Sample Text 10 KB Textbsp_Lumenis.pdf
      GE Healthcare
Sample Text PDF / 52 KB Textbsp_GE.pdf

How can you as the customer contribute to the success of your translation project?

Define your goals ...

Your target group

Please inform me about the kind of target group you want to address with your translation and the objective of the translation. This is crucial for my work.

If the translation of an English medical text is supposed to address patients it must use a style different to that of a translation which is targeted at a specialist group (such as physicians, scientists etc.). An advertising text uses a language very different to that of a product information. The rules applying to the translation of technical handbooks are different to those applying to the translation of product brochures.

Time for processing

A perfect translation e. g. of a product documentation definitely establishes an increase in product value. However, it will not be of any use if not available at the stipulated point of time. Please do allow an adequate amount of time for the translation of your documents.

Translating does not merely consist of "copying a text into another language". Your text is not only translated into a language with a different structure and grammar but also transferred into a different culture where different rules and conventions need to be adhered to so that the translation will work in the way you intend for your target group.

You should plan ample time for research and several proofreading and editing runs. Realistically, you can expect a maximum of 2250 words, 300 standard lines or 10 standard pages to be translated per day.

Reference material

At the beginning of our working relationship, I have to get acquainted with your specific products. It would be of great help if you could supply me with reference material such as product brochures, handbooks of older models, previous contracts, correspondence, background information on your company etc.

Please do not forget to supply the corresponding photos and pictures esp. when technical lists have to be translated. Photos, drawings and charts are especially helpful e. g. for the translation of parts lists since they enable me to literally picture the subject in question.

Contact name

Please provide me with the name of a contact person in your company.

Especially at the beginning of our business relationship, I will ask you for company specific abbreviations and acronyms, phrasings and terms that only you can know. Depending on the type of text to be translated I might also require an appointment to talk to you personally or to have a brief tour of your facility.